Chocolate bar applicake

Chocolate bar applicake lemon drops caramels jelly-o

Gingerbread cake

Gingerbread cake croissant chocolate bar. Bear claw

Lollipop cookie sesame snaps

Lollipop cookie sesame snaps bear claw gummies. Lemon

Cookie gummi bears

Cookie gummi bears faworki chocolate cake. Cake lemon

Welcome! You can use the space above to easily showcase your recent posts and featured galleries.  ProPhoto automatically generates the circle icons so there’s no need to create them in Photoshop.  If you prefer, you can also easily replace the content above with a large slideshow or add more images, icons, and SEO rich text content.

The “share the love” graphic and the “featured” and “recent” graphics on the home page are the only images that need to be color customized in Photoshop.  You can use clipping masks to quickly create the hover photos for the sidebar icons.  All other graphics are easily changed inside ProPhoto so you can get up and running quickly!